Jaron Green – Operations Manager, Atrium Resort Hotel Mandurah

5 November 2015


To whom it may concern,


I would just like to take a bit of time and express just how much Boeing Plumbing and John has been an asset to us here at the Atrium hotel.


I’ve had several issues with using outside contractors – We began to outsource to others but were still hitting walls.


Upon meeting John we hit off with an instant rapport. After he had solved two of my major plumbing issues with his team that others had not been able to do and had given me the run around over - I sent out an email advising all departments at the hotel - that Boeing Plumbing Is our only plumbing contractor from now on.


John and team have been a pleasure to work with. They always give me multiple options and their opinion of what would work best and involves me in the process. John always answers his phone if not calls me back promptly. I must also mention Andrew and Dave - your wonderful tradesman in our area.


I just wanted to send out my support for John and team and to let you know my appreciation for your service and works provided so far. Thank you! Kind Regards,