There’s nothing more frustrating than a leaking or wobbly toilet. Except maybe a completely broken one! Fortunately, though, there’s no need to put up with it for too long. No more than a day, in fact. At Boeing Plumbing, we offer a same-day toilet repair and replacement service, to the entire Perth area (from Perth metro to Yanchep, Rockingham and Mandurah, and now in Bunbury and throughout the South West).

Whether it’s a simple cistern leak, a stained or loose toilet bowl, a faulty flush action, a leaking floor pipe, or simply time for a more stylish throne, we can set you right. We’ve been installing and repairing toilets around Perth for more than two decades. In fact, we install the toilets for all of ABN’s new homes, and they’re Australia’s leading construction, property and finance company.

We’re Waterwise Water Accredited, too, so you can rest assured we’ll provide a service that’s good for the environment and will save you money.

To book call 08 9201 1177 (Perth) or08 9586 5000 (Mandurah)or 08 9726 2273 (Bunbury) now.