Gas repairs, WA

There’s nothing quite like cooking with gas. You get instant heat, precise temperature control and it’s very economical. If you’d like gas installed at your house or if you need a new gas appliance installed, give us a call. Likewise, if your existing gas appliances need a service (or you smell gas), we can help there too.

WARNING: It’s illegal to carry out any gas work without a licence from the Office of Energy. Never attempt to work on gas lines or appliances yourself.

If you smell gas, don’t hesitate! For peace of mind and the safety of your family, call a licensed gas fitter. In fact, even if you can’t smell gas, but you feel your gas appliances aren’t heating up as they used to, you may well have a leak.

Did you know that the rotten egg odour of gas is not a natural component of the gas itself? Suppliers add this scent to the natural gas because of the potential dangers leaking gas can cause. This way, we can smell the gas leak and alert a professional to come and investigate the situation. So if you have a gas stove and you smell that sulphuric odour in your home, phone Boeing Plumbing to come and repair your gas leak.

The dangers of leaking gas are very serious and can lead to death. Although it is completely safe if your appliances are working properly, when the gas does not burn up completely, mostly because of a faulty system somewhere, it forms a by-product of carbon monoxide. The more carbon monoxide

produced, the less oxygen is present in the air and when you inhale that, it’s very dangerous and can end up killing you.

Even minor gas leaks can lead to a disaster and there’s absolutely no need for it. A simple gas pressure test can show if there’s a leak from a line or appliance in your house. Boeing Plumbing is one of WA’s largest plumbing companies, and part of Australia’s leading construction, property and finance group, ABN. Importantly, we’ve been installing and servicing gas appliances since 1990. Over the years we’ve tested and fixed many gas leaks in Perth. We know how to follow the right procedure to give you peace of mind and to put your safety first.


  1. We perform a pressure test at your gas meter
  2. If we detect a leak, we locate it using gas leak detection equipment and/or isolating problem appliances (including gas water heaters)
  3. We then replace the faulty units or appliances

If you can smell gas or have any concerns, please don’t take any chances. Call 08 9201 1177 (Perth) or 08 9586 5000 (Mandurah) or 08 9726 2273 (Bunbury) immediately for a licenced technician to assist you.