There are many choices, but first you need to decide if the smashingly stylish new sink you’re planning on getting is for an en-suite guest bathroom, the powder room, or your family bathroom. Once you know where it’s going, it’s a little easier to think about the functionality. For a family bathroom, maybe your little people need little versions of sinks – it's tough when you can’t reach the tap to rinse off the toothpaste threatening to drip onto your chest – everyday – life is tough when you have little legs and arms.

A wall-mounted basin can be attached directly to the wall, at any height. It’s great for family bathrooms, especially if you have a small space. Plumbing must be positioned inside the wall cavity, which means a cleaner, sleek look and feel.

Then there’s the pedestal basin. Ideal if you’ve had one like this before because the waste pipe already runs into the floor. A great option if you’re going for a more traditional look and feel. Nice for guest bathrooms.

The semi-recessed bathroom basin allows you some cabinet and counter-top space. Half inserted, width-wise, into the cabinet the recessed basin juts out from the counter. If you’re stuck for space but require storage, this is a great option. Plumbing is easy enough with the cabinet hiding the work. This is a nice en suite addition that doesn’t take up too much space.

The vessel basin is a stylish design that is used in many hotels. It’s a bowl that sits on top of the counter and the plumbing is hidden underneath the sleek countertop. Stylish, effective and great for powder rooms.


Unlike the bathroom basins, the kitchen sink at least has a reputation for being the most solid part of the house. If you consider that it’s the one thing a thief can’t remove easily, then it needs respect. Respect not only for the fact that it’s the Godfather of all water-collecting vessels, but also because of the amount of work it does on any given day.

Choosing the right sink for your kitchen is equally as important as choosing the right countertop and cabinets. It’s a decision that will affect your forays into the kitchen for many years to come. Configuration and style play a big part.

Large, single stainless steel sinks are perfect if you run a catering business from home because you can prep a lot of food. However, just because it’s only there to rinse veggies does not mean it can’t complement your kitchen. It can still look good. Basic plumbing with minimal inconvenience is all it takes to get this puppy going.

The double/triple sink allows you to wash, rinse and prepare food with ease. Available in various depths and widths, dual basins are also available in different ratios so you can have one large side and one smaller, however, if you prefer symmetry you have the option of a 50/50 sink. There’s something for everyone.

Ye old farmhouse sink is still a trusty go-to option, but it’s also become something of a style icon for the retro enthusiasts. The apron front is a vintage stamp. The sink is placed into the countertop and is available in porcelain, ceramic or stainless steel. Unlike in the days of yore, farmhouse sinks now come in a variety of colours. They’re large and allow for a lot of space. Plumbing is easy and can be done in next to no time.

Regardless of the style, size or configuration of the bathroom basin or kitchen sink that you’ve chosen, the plumbing is essential. Choosing the right service providers will ensure you get the best out of your new installation. Contact Boeing Plumbing today for assistance with installing pipes and taps, fixing any burst pipes you have with your current system, or clearing blocked drains. Get the best out of your basin by getting the best plumbing assistance.