New Year – New Kitchen

Inject life into the heart of your home

There is nothing worse than walking into your out-of-date kitchen and losing your appetite. The kitchen is the hangout of your home, and nobody wants to hang out in a bad 1970s movie when they can renovate and enjoy cooking fests in a stylish new kitchen.

So, what can you do to make your kitchen appealing, even for the non-foodies. 2017 kitchen styles are inspiring homeowners and interior decorators to inject new, traditional, contemporary or modern characteristics into their designs. Here are a few new year renovation ideas to bring the heart of your home to life.

Customised cabinets

It’s a given that new cabinetry is always going to be part of the renovation process, however, it’s the style of the cabinets that can take it from “let’s order takeout” to “let’s whip up a five course meal.” How? Well, it largely dictates the look, feel and usability of the space.

While some homeowners prefer to cover their kitchen walls with side-by-side cabinets, the new trend is to expose some walls to give the space a more open look and feel. Uncovered walls which match the colour of an engineered countertop in a neutral tone, can really bring a whole new dynamic to your kitchen.

Engineered stone

Just when you were about to step out the door to go find a natural stone countertop, a new idea for kitchen countertops stops you in your tracks. Engineered stone is the new must-have kitchen item thanks to it being more resistant to damage than natural stone. It’s more consistent in colouring, easier to shape and much more cost effective.

Available in Silestone, Zodiaq, Corian and Cambria, these synthetic surfaces are a blend of natural materials and resin, making them tougher and more versatile. Choose any colour to suit your kitchen and you won’t be forced to contend with the colour imperfections of natural stone any longer.


New homes are commonly designed with islands that clearly define the space between your living and dining rooms, and yet they successfully integrate the rooms creating a space of inclusion and fun. Owners of older homes are renovating their old-style corner kitchens by breaking down walls and creating an open-plan space with kitchen islands. These often feature recessed sinks that require intricate renovation plumbing; chat to the specialists.

Hidden appliances

A high-end range of stainless steel appliances will add style and value to your kitchen; integrating these appliances into cabinets will give your kitchen a modern edge. This helps provide a minimalist look that really works well in a space that can easily be overrun with cooking gadgets and instruments. The only feature would be a recessed stainless steel sink with a classy faucet.

As for the gadget styles and colours – stainless steel is a timeless classic that has always given new kitchens an air of sophistication. Of course, you can always opt for coloured appliances that match your cabinets, floors or walls. The problem is these trends date quickly, and before you know it you’ll be staring at your vibrantly coloured appliances wishing you’d read this blog earlier. Not even great lighting can give an electric blue toaster a good side.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is favoured thanks to their longevity, however they are now designed with style and not just for function. They bring a special ambience to any room and can bring the even underside of counters to life. Hanging LED lights above your engineered stone countertop adds an elegance, unmatched by even the most striking recessed lights. The new styles of LED lights seamlessly combine form and function.